About Salland Storage

Since 2006, Salland Storage has been the address for anyone in need of storage space in Deventer and its surroundings. We’re proud to say that every Deventer inhabitant knows someone who has rented storage space with us in recent years. From the average Deventer inhabitant to professional footballers, pop stars, writers and more, from 18- to 98-year-olds. Reputable Deventer companies and institutions are also part of our customer base.

Jan Hein Streppel

Your contact person

Astrid Hogeboom

Astrid Hogeboom

Front Office

About Astrid Hogeboom

Astrid has strengthened our team in December 2018. Astrid is a customer contact point, takes care of the planning and execution of storage needs. Astrid also carries out tasks for our permanent tenants.


Erik de Bruin9

Erik de Bruin


About Erik de Bruin

Erik de Bruin is responsible for all finances within Salland Storage. He is your point of contact for the depreciation of the rent, etc. In addition to work for Salland Storage, Erik also does accounting work for our business tenants.
Contact information: e.debruin@sallandstorage.nl
Working hours Erik:
Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our location

Deventer Duurstedeweg 6

We purchased the location on the Duurstedeweg 6 in 2011. This building was built in 1977 for the well-known Deventer transport company D. Klunder. The building was designed by the Deventer architecture firm Roebbers & Klein Douwel. Characteristic of that period are the applied works of art by local artists, something that was very common in the reconstruction period after WWII.

Our building is also equipped with a mural by Willy Zandvliet, which was expertly restored in 2013 by the enthusiastic participation of the SIED (Foundation for Industrial Heritage Deventer).
The rest of the building has also been brought back to the 21st century with respect for the original details, creating a tasteful multifunctional working environment.

Currently there are 8 office spaces in our premises and we have found the perfect mix between complete privacy and enjoying communal facilities.

Our Storage Park

Outdoor area Duurstedeweg 6

Since 2020 we have been facilitating our Storage Park on the former Circulus area. Here you will experience renting self storage space as you know it from TV. Insulated, weatherproof outdoor units that are perfectly accessible by car or van. 24/7 with excellent security. Throughout the years, extra satellite locations have been opened in Duiven, Zutphen and Almelo. Here, too, you can find our weatherproof outdoor units.

RTL4 report

RTL4 recently made a report with us for the program “Wist je dat (Did you know)?”. This program can be viewed below.

Local engagement

Local involvement also means involvement in society. We are happy to contribute to Deventer life.
We are shirt sponsor at football club SV Colmschate, RDC and VV Activia, but also support the Centre Garage and various entrepreneurial initiatives.
Maarten is vice-president of the United Industrial Areas Deventer and board member of Business Park Management. He is also a member of the Strategic Board of the Cleantech Region. Through the Rotary Deventer, Maarten is also involved in Deventer charity projects.
Jan-Hein is politically active in Deventer and a board member of the Industrial Design Centre in Twente. The IDC connects technical and manufacturing companies with each other, but also with knowledge institutions.

How it started

Salland Storage was founded by us, brothers Jan-Hein (1980) and Maarten Streppel (1983) as a sideline alongside our IT company Signo. A surplus of space brought up the idea of  providing storage space for household effects, and with that thought we started Salland Storage. In the years 06 to ’11, storage activities grew steadily.
With our company Signo we have been importing multimedia and storage equipment from Asia since 2002. The market in which Signo operated, the market for media streaming and data storage, became extremely fickle around 2009 and beyond. Our customers, for example electronics chains such as iCentre and Dixons, were struggling. Other customers, such as the large webshops, did not have their own stock due to a different business model. As a result, the risk as an importer became disproportionately high. Together with the currency fluctuations as they occurred in the period 2011/2012, we accepted an acquisition offer in 2012 and decided to focus all our energy on (until then) the side line Salland Storage. The course changed completely, from international to local and from online to offline.

Since 2012, storage space rental has been our primary process and we focus on Deventer and its surroundings. With special formulas we serve both the private and business market. The StowBox formula was conceived, designed, built by ourselves and is now also operated by us. Many hours of development, testing, improvement are the basis for this.

Jan Hein Maarten Streppel
Signo Front 3
Salland Storage Signo indovers