How does renting storage at Salland Storage work?

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Together with a Salland Storage employee, you control how many meters of storage space you need. This can be done through our storage calculator, but you can also send a list of all the goods you want to store. Don’t forget any bikes, garden sets and other outdoors. Cupboards can often be taken apart, as can beds. Moving boxes, in turn, hardly take up space. 25 moving boxes fit on 1 square meter. Based on the data provided, we can estimate very accurately how many square meters of space is needed to store your belongings. You may stack 2.5 meters high, so the number of cubic meters is the number of square meters x 2.5.
How does it work, the procedure for placing the goods?

Before you place the goods, we kindly ask you to come by in advance. A moving day is busy and often full of stress. When you come by in advance, we can take a tour of the complex and show you where the goods will be. We go through the procedure and house rules, so that everything runs smoothly on the move.

You fill out the storage agreement and pay the deposit (€100,-), the registration fee (€25,-) and the current period. Don’t forget to bring an ID. If you want to use your own insurance, we need a copy of the policy. If you do not have these or you cannot find it by the move, then it is possible to insure the goods through us.

How does it work, moving the goods?

Moving is hard work and takes a lot of stress. That is why we do everything we can to make the moving day run as well as possible. With the right instructions and procedures, this is the case. We also have accessories available that further facilitate the move. Our Storage Park is equipped with alarm, multiple cameras, private security and pest control. Furthermore, we have toilets and free coffee or tea.

Rates can be found in our price list.

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